I’m currently involved in a couple tremendous projects as a performer, improviser, and composer. Check them out!

Kupka’s Piano
Taking its name from Bohemian painter František Kupka’s iconic 1909 painting The Piano Keys, Brisbane-based contemporary music ensemble Kupka’s Piano aims to entice audiences into hearing new sounds, new structures, new musical ideas. With a variable instrumentation based on flutes, clarinet, e. guitar, and percussion, this group focuses on the latest compositions by leading young composers in Australia and internationally.


Richard&Linda (Australia) is a new experimental duo comprising electric guitar, flute and live electronics created by Liam Flenady and Hannah Reardon-Smith. Taking its name from a particularly harrowing scene in Twin Peaks: The Return, the duo aims to explore the space of relations and non-relations opened up by live processing of both electric guitar and various flutes, with an emphasis on weird and eerie affects, extended sound palettes, artificial spatial design, and the integration of familiar musical references in unfamiliar sonic contexts.